Here we go again…

Well, been offline a while! Much happened, and couldn’t blog, but I’m back!

I’ve moved house – gone from the delights of city living with its easy access to transport, shops, entertainment and other life essentials, to a small (and I MEAN small) village in Suffolk. We are considered blessed in having three buses a day to our nearest town (10 miles). In some ways I love it, but am more than a little shell shocked by the lifestyle change – no shop in the village, though there is a pub, thank God!!

I am also finding the job different – I’ve gone from working in one church to having a team of 8 to sort out. It is an incredibly different way of working, and I’m not sure I’ve got it right yet….

Well, enough – just wanted to stake my ‘I’m back’ claim. More when I have thought about what to write!

Been a while…

…since I wrote in this.

Mainly because, although life is so busy it is hard to find time to write, it is also not interesting enough to write about!

For those of you who were worried about my cat – I didn’t eat him.

He repaid me for this by bringing home a stray, and teaching him to walk on my car too.

I give up.

Too busy to clean the car anyway – I’m moving house soon. I got a new job. The house I’m moving to is lovely, but I can’t quite see how I’m ever going to have the energy to pack up this one!

I went out…

…about an hour after I finished cleaning my car.

My cat went to sleep on the bonnet.

But obviously not before having checked it over thoroughly by walking all over it.

I know he did this because there are paw marks all over it.

Anyone know what roast cat tastes like?

Washing my car :-(

Well, that was a fun hour.

Oh, sorry, NOT!!!!

It should have been so simple. But as I haven’t washed the car for months, (that’s right, MONTHS) it was a serious undertaking.

I know – why not just go to one of those wonderful places where they do it all for you, and wave you on your way with a cheery smile!

Well, I can’t use those places because of the headlight…

which has to be covered and treated with delicacy throughout the cleaning process.

Why cover the headlight? I hear you ask. Well, that would be because the glass got broken by a stone on the road, and I haven’t had time to get it fixed. So there I am, holding the bonnet up with one hand, and trying to hold a plastic bag over the light with the other, then attempting to let the lid drop, missing my hand, yet catching the plastic. Not easy. And every time I getit wrong, I haveto go back inside the car to release the bonnet again.

But finally, it works. I am SO ingenious! Now for the actual washing.

Inside to fill bucket with hot water. And plenty of soap seemed like a good idea. I have a white car, and it is seriously dirty. So dirty that people no longer write ‘Also available in white’ on it, because it’s just not funny any more. So lots of soap.

Then outside, and throw soap filled sponge around over car. Roof filthy. I park under trees, so my car gets sap in the summer, leaves in the autumn, and general grime in the winter. Right now, it has been waiting for a wash so long that the dirt of three seasons is laughing at me triumphantly, and compost is growing in the corners. But I am not disheartened. (Actually I am, but that sounds so wimpy)

To make things worse, my car is white. Or was once. Now if you have a black car, people say sympathetic things like ‘Black is such a difficult colour to keep clean.’ RUBBISH! WHITE is a difficult colour to keep clean. DIRT is black. I can DO black! But do I get sympathy? No. I just get looks. I get looks that say – ‘there she is , lucky enough to have a car, but can she be bothered to clean it?’ And ‘she’s got two sons, you’d think she could get one of them to do it.’ PLEASE! Have they ever met a teenager?

But now – now I am cleaning it. But it is laughing at me. As fast as I clean one bit, another bit throws dirt back onto it. And the wind thinks it hilarious to blow rubbish and dust around. But I keep on. The top is fine once I’ve got the sap etc off, but the bottom half is sticky black yucky stuff off the road, and refuses to move when asked.

Eventually I decide enough is enough, and go back into the house to get water to rinse the soap off. Think there must be a hole in the bucket. It takes so long to fill, but empties so quickly. But no, feels far too heavy to have hole in it.

After third bucket of clean water, realise that lots of soap was maybe not such a good idea.

Pray for rain, that it might wash away the soap.

No rain.

Well – OF COURSE NOT – rain will only be provided, in liberal quantities, when I hang my washing out later!

Eventually decide that I have done as much as I can. Most of the soap gone, and what is left will prove that I have washed the car. Car now clean enough to make people think that it is only weeks rather than months since washed.

Vow to wash car regularly in future. Maybe on Sunday afternoon. After all, that is what reasonable, domesticated, organised people do, isn’t it?

Ah, that would be why I can’t manage it then.

Unreasonable, undomesticated, and totally disorganised. That’s me!

Must get car light fixed.

And service thousands of miles overdue.


But at least is clean. Sort of.

Can drive and pretend all else is well.

All this and only 10:45. What an exciting life I lead.

Answer to question

Do I work full time at the Catheral? No, there is a God, but he is not that cruel, either to me or the Cathedral congregation. The looooong service was one I was invited to, and the Confirmation was at my own church, where I am the lowest of the low, and therefore win the short straw in the ‘who looks after the Bishop’ poll!

Tonight – the joys of PCC. It’s okay – I won’t write about it, honest. Some things are just too painful to go through twice!

Bishops and other interruptions to a quiet sunday..

Actually, not a quiet Sunday at all. Confirmations at Church, and guess who had the ‘honour’ of being the Bishop’s chaplain? Honestly, can’t even wipe yer nose on the sleeve of yer surplice without being noticed when you’re in such a prominent position. Not that I would, of course -just a f’rinstance!

Many thanks for all comments to previous entries. Have had the alcoholic drink that was suggested – and then had several more, just to check that the advice was good. (It was!) Gnome – I have given my son the numbers of many local taxi services, but it costs £10 for a ten minute ride home, and as he only makes £18 for his shift at work, I have decided to help where I can, and moan loudly each time!

Glad I beat those of you with red pens to it over the ‘responses’ entry. I am suitable ashamed of myself, honestly.

Am I ‘the’ Lyra, you ask. Hmmm..

How many are there?

Well, if you mean the Lyra on the Ship of Fools, who appears sporadically, and then gets so busy (not because of bad organisational skills, obviously) that she disappears for weeks again, then yes, I am she!

Well, am now off to deal with distraught 15 year old who has just split up with his girlfriend. Ah, young love. Who wouldn’t go back to those halcyon days of youth? No – don’t all shout together. Hell, wasn’t it!

Any more suggestions?

In response to my first wibble, I have had one response to my ‘what shall I do?’ whimper. I am following the instructions to the letter.

If you want to give me any more ideas, they’ll be tried out. Probably!

Loooong evening at the Cathedral in a looooong service. And then a long wait for my son to finish work so that I can have the privilege of driving him home. But he’s independent you understand – he keeps telling me so. Grrrr – teenagers.

Here we go…

Okay you lot, I’ve joined in. I have a wiblog. Now what do I put in it?

Slightly crazy day today. Lots of visiting people, which is lovely, and not too much paperwork, which is even lovelier. (Unless you like paperwork of course, in which case I apologise!) But I seemed to spend the whole day running late, for no apparent reason – unless you count sleeping in this morning, which of course you can’t. Can you? More being nice to people this evening, and then a service at the Cathedral. And then, hopefully, something alcoholic to end the day nicely!

Prospect of a new job looms. Probably in the summer. But decisions to be made about which job is the right one. And I don’t do decisions. So no doubt this page will turn into a cry of ‘Tell me what I should do!’ before long!